Pioneer Specialty Hospital provides comprehensive medical  management to even the most medically complex patients. These patients often require diverse medical services due to the severity of their condition. Patients with catastrophic illnesses or injuries requiring extensive, long-term care may benefit from our services once they are diagnostically stable. Our concentrated care provides aggressive treatment , by the use of therapy and nursing care, aimed to improve the patients over all condition.

Sometimes, patients require acute care for a longer period of time due to the severity of their illness or injury. These patients may not be ready to transfer to a Skilled Nursing Facility or other less intensive care options. These patients require longer term acute care.

At Pioneer Specialty Hospital, we strive for optimal recoveries for patients who have serious illnesses or injuries that require focused care.

Pioneer helps these patients by offering the specialized expertise of a large hospital but concentrates the care into a personalized program that is adapted in a small hospital setting. For more information on Pioneer Specialty Hospital…

Proud to be the first privately owned Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) Hospital specializing in the treatment and rehabilitation of the medically complex patient.
Ventilator Dependent
Infectious Disease
Complex Wound Care
Post Traumatic Injury
IV Therapy
  Pulmonary Disease
Post-Op Complications
Physical Rehabilitation
Cardiac Care

Pioneer Specialty Hospital
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Lack of care for the patients

Rated 1 out of 5
January 13, 2021

My father is there being treated for covid. He has numerous issues that not until the 25th day they neglected to inform us of them. Stage 2 ulcers, and other issues from the lack of care. These issues should’ve been noticed and been taken seriously. I would hope the staff would try to take care of the patients as if they’re their own family. The lack of communication and compassion for the families is horrible. There are only a few nurses that I’m thankful for! They took time to inform us of certain things , and set it up so his family can see him via FaceTime. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to this type of care or the lack of care. I feel my father is being racially profiled due to the fact he’s Asian. This virus is hard on everyone. Communication, compassion, and real caring people would help!!! This is a short version!!

Dj Calma